Naples – Calcutta – Science is a cooperation project whose objective is creating links between these two countries through science and technological innovation, skills exchange and intercultural scientific education.The project aims at schools involvement, teachers formation in Naples and Calcutta. In addition, it intends creating pilot laboratories used for scientific education in the fields of nanosciences, nanotechnologies and renewable energy sources, within the two cities’ Science Centres.

Teachers will be the main actors all the project long in educational laboratory co-projection and results dissemination to other schools’ colleagues.Labs will be tested in schools and debugged through new technologies, such as the Internet, Skype and Social Media where ideas about the project could be discussed.Once the intervention model will be tested both in Naples and Calcutta, a contest for scientific communication of lab activities will be launched among classes who joined the project. A jury made up of communication professionals, coming from both countries, will evaluate contesters’ works  and award the winners.

The project will end by the organization of two events, in Naples and Calcutta, hosting the winning class and Italian and Indian delegations.

What is Nanotechnology?

In Science Labs all over the world a technological revolution is taking place! Scientists are to manipulate matter on an atomic and molecular scale and to develop materials, devices, or other structures with particles sized from 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanotechnology is considered a key technology for the future and its practical applications will totally transform our daily life as it could be possible to produce new commodities such as molecular car engines; anti-fog windows; invisible cameras and many other objects that will project us in a science fiction dimension. This technological innovation do not fit classical physical law and may have extra and unintended implications. All this rises new hopes and promises together with risks and concerns that could be lead by progress distrust.


…a dialogue bridge based on science and technology