Science Centre at Al Quds University, East Jerusalem

Since 2003, Città della Scienza has promoted an international cooperation project for the establishment of the Al Quds Science Centre on the basis of a trilateral partnership among Palestinians (Al Quds University), Israelis (Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem, BSMJ) and Italians (Città della Scienza). This challening dream has immediatly brought prestigious Israeli and Italian institutions in aid of the Palestinian university, with the support of Unesco, the European Commission, the Campania Region and the City of Naples.

All promoters are united by the common goal to foster a peace process that would not rely solely on diplomacy but also on the promotion of good practices designed to achieve a different and brighter future for Palestine.

This project, whose institutional aim was to promote scientific and technological knowledge in Palestine, set three main goals: (1) to strengthen Palestinian national identity through the creation of a cultural and educational institution that was open to the general public and in which all citizens, in the broadest sense of the word, could identify; (2) to provide support for the education system and contribute to the development of the local area; (3) to promote the dialogue and a greater understanding among the various communities in the Middle East through a collaboration in specific fields such as culture, education, research and technological innovation.

The main steps of the project are three: (1) the realisation of a preliminary feasibility study drafted by the three main partners; (2) the diffusion of a poster exhibition in 100 cities in the Mediterranean during the UNESCO Science World Day for Peace and Development in 2003; (3) the co-production of a travelling exhibition on Mathematics “Meet Math” under the framework of the “European Partnership for Peace” programme.

Inaugurated firstly in Naples at Città della Scienza in October 2005, MeetMath was then displayed at the Bloomfield Science Museum in West Jerusalem and finally in 2007 on the Abu Dees campus of Al Quds University, where it’s still on display in a outdoor Science Centre built thanks to Neapolitan Institutions’ donations together with the Jerusalem Foundation.

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