Mediterranean, Science and Peace

The Mediterranean is living an age of relevant transformations started with the so-called Arab Spring. People of these countries strongly ask for a political renewal which can give them the opportunity to live in a more democratic society, respectful of individual freedom. These changes make essential the cooperation between the two banks, as the European Neighborhood Policy provides for. Some of these priorities are already emergencies for our coasts: immigration, conservation of the Mediterranean ecological heritage, the Middle-East problem,  to instance.

Innovation and research are key-fields for the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, because  the strengthening of Mediterranean countries and the promotion of a sustainable development pass through the investment in the scientific and technological improvement.



  • Summer School on cultural enterprise in Mediterranean
  • Training in the fileds of education, women, young people and culture for the Palestinian communities of East Jerusalem.
  • Al Kamandjati. Musical instruments as weapons for peace.
  • Peace meaking operations