A new photo exhibition Changing way of thinking – learning from Nature from October 6th


From October 6th  at Città della Scienza Changing way of thinking – learning from Nature, an exhibition on the meaning of the four elements of water, fire, earth and air for the human being.

Humans have always been aware of the importance of the four elements. They thought the sun was a God, they called Earth their  mother’s land, they knew the spirits of air and water. Men have, however, made a distorted use of the four elements, exploiting raw materials, polluting the air and water and undermining the natural balance of the earth. Where is a limit to all this? Since the exploitation of natural elements has destroyed the balance, and part of the natural environment is unfortunately irreparably compromised, a time of rethinking, a change of the way of thinking has begun.

Exposure presents amazing data: many positive and negative examples allow a sensorial approach to the subject. In the interactive parts of the show students are directly involved and become aware of strategies for a responsible and sustainable relationship with the four elements.

The exhibition is particularly intersting for  students and young people who are learning German and are interested in natural sciences. The texts of the exhibition will also be present in Italian.

It does not want to spread simplistic messages, on the contrary, the exhibition intends to encourage visitors to dedicate themselves to the themes of the exhibition, such as Goethe-Institut “Umdenken” portal or at school, following interdisciplinary projects or activities. The exhibition links the study of German with the current theme of environmental protection; content is processed in a way that is perfectly suited to being inserted into interdisciplinary lessons.

Coordination of the Goethe-Institut project: Sigrid Savelsberg

Concept and realization of the exhibition: Würth & Winderoll

Production: Strand

The Neapolitan stage is run by the Goethe-Institut Neapel in collaboration with the Città della Scienza

Friday 6th October – Sunday 10 December 2017

Tuesady 9 to Saturday 5 pm 
Sunday and holidays 10 am to 6 pm
Monday Closing
Booking at Contact Centre ph: +39 081 7352.220/222


Città della Scienza
Coroglio Street, 57
80124 Naples


High School

Booking: Contact Centre di Città della Scienza

ph: +39 081 7352.220/222
email: contact@cittadellascienza.it


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