European project PIER: Focus Groups with citizens and stakeholders

The project PIER (Public involvment with an Exhibition on Responsible research and innovation ), dedicated to European research on the Sea, comes into the its main phase. After a meeting in Brussels with European experts, discussing on what research areas on Sea are more compatible with the criteria, set by the European Commission, of Research and Responsible Innovation, it’s the time of citizens and stakeholders who, with their opinions and their advice , will help Città della Scienza’s experts to design the exhibition to be inaugurated in October. A focus group (or discussion group) is a participatory methodology used in social sciences, in which a group of people is invited to speak, discuss and debate about a topic, a project, a concept or an idea, developing a shared position. For the PIER project will be organized three focus groups: the first will be held on Wednesday, April 23, with citizens and representatives of various environmental associations on the protection of the sea. The second and the third focus group which will be held on 6 and 7 May, with several stakeholders (such as fishermen, associations, managers of beaches, restaurateurs) and representatives of the institutions. The results will make possible to design an interactive exhibition that takes into account the views of all those involved with the “resource” Sea, as well as constitute an important source of information for the European Commission about what the citizens of Naples think of ongoing researches.

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