Hunger for Science – October 20th and 21st at Città della Scienza

World food day 2018

“Food turns into blood, blood into heart and brain;in matters of thoughts and feelings.Human food is the foundation of culture andfeeling. If you want to improve people, instead of declamations against sin, give them better nutrition. Man is what he eats “(Feuerbach, German philosopher of 800).

Even without arriving at the extreme thought of this philosopher, today science undoubtedly tells us that to live well and for a long time it is necessary to follow a correct and wide diet.It is for this reason that the FAO has established the World Food Day which is celebrated every year on October 16th.
Città della Scienza adheres to reiterate the importance of the right nourishment to live healthy!
So what are you waiting for? Come and discover the scientific laboratories, the meetings with the experts, the demonstrations and the many activities scheduled to never leave you without science!

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During our journey in the diet, we will start from the last stage with the activity “Everyone makes it and nobody talks about it. The history of poop “. What better way to explore our digestive system than to follow the fate, step by step, of food since it is ingested when it is expelled? A fun, unusual workshop that will leave you amazed!

Together with our youngest visitors we will discover the nutritional properties of pasta with “And now … pasta!”, A laboratory that also includes a phase of manual skills, so welcome imagination!
And again, the project launched in collaboration with the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Naples, Federico II, entitled “Researcher what a job”, begins this weekend dedicated to food. How do I participate in a research project? What is CHILD ROLE? How children are able to influence the choices made by parents, especially in the field of nutrition? And how do parents let themselves be influenced by the presence of children in their choices? We will understand this by participating in this survey and as a tribute for the participants, a tasty snack!.

We were looking forward to the return of the most beloved workshop for all children, “Nintendo Labo”! By integrating the new technologies with a good dexterity, discover with your parents “Nintendo Labo”: turn a simple piece of cardboard into something different, a motorbike, a fishing rod, a plane or whatever comes to mind! Then, add a Nintendo Switch console to bring them to life and enjoyment is guaranteed! Win a race, catch a fish, play a keyboard … With Nintendo Labo, everyone can experience the joy of mounting, playing and discovering. Have fun watching the workings of your creations: you could even invent new ways to play with Toy-Con! In particular, try the new Toy Con set dedicated to vehicles and discover the driver who is in you!
From October 10th to January 6th 2019, the Science Center’s exhibition areas offer is enriched with a new and technological exhibition “The Beauty of Imaging”, organized by the Bracco Group. The exhibition celebrates the beauty “from within” the human body: an exploration made possible thanks to diagnostic imaging: one of the ten most important discoveries in the entire history of medicine. Today the journey in the body is accomplished hundreds of thousands of times a day, in every part of the world, in order to prevent and cure. And so, traveling within the human body, we discover the extraordinary complexity of the mechanisms that regulate it, the fascinating perfection of the structures that govern it and the general harmony of its functioning. A trip not to be missed!
The exhibition completes Corporea perfection, representing a focus that simplifies and disseminates, investigating physics, chemistry, biology, applications and implications of X-rays / CT, Magnetic Resonance, Ultrasound and Nuclear Medicine.
You still have not visited the Corporea Museum? It is the only one in Italy, entirely dedicated to the “perfect” machine of the human body! A guided tour, in the company of one of our guides, will allow you to discover the secrets of our body and experience the exhibits that most intrigue you!


Hidden at the first level of the CorporeaMuseum, distinguished by the green color, are the many exhibits dedicated to the Human Digestive System. Discover curiosity by following the insights during Guided tours to Corporea.

Which fishes, molluscs and crustaceans live in the pools of the “Sea” exhibition? Follow the guided tour “Marine Ecosystems” and you will have the chance to caress some living marine organisms in our Touch pool. What an emotion!
A guided tour of the “Bugs&CO” exhibition is unmissable, the new exhibition space dedicated to the spectacular world of insects and more. For every man on Earth there are over 150 million insects. “The six-legged giants” have conquered almost all the habitats of our planet … it’s time to start getting in touch with them.
Insects will be part of the daily diet, and their use has many benefits for both humans and the environment. Scientific studies, in fact, show how an integrated diet with insects is rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, but low in “bad” fats. Furthermore, the introduction of this farm would have important positive implications also in terms of environmental sustainability. We discuss this in depth “Entomophagy – the Future has six legs”.
And if, instead, the underwater world fascinates you, “Create your marine animals” waiting for you! It is a laboratory where you can color fish shapes, invent new species, and then, as for “magic”, make them appear and swim in a large virtual aquarium.
The Live Show returns to the Planetarium of Città della Scienza! Among astronomers, stars and galaxies, an astronomer expert will tell the public, in real time, all that is shown on the dome of the Planetarium, to offer a unique experience of immersion in the depths of our universe. By integrating within it the databases of the main international space agencies, our Planetarium allows as close as you can imagine to a real journey in space. “Life and Death of a Star” will allow you to retrace all the stages of the life of a star, from birth to death. What are you waiting for? Get your trip among the stars!
In addition, at the Planetarium there will be the 2D shows “From Earth to the Universe to discover the most important theories elaborated by man in the course of time in astronomy up to future perspectives and, if not you can give up the thrill of 3D, the show “Robot Explorers” to travel together with probes, landers and orbiter within our solar system.

Adults 10 € - kids (3/14 yrs) and over 65 yrs  7 € 

Sunday October 28th, 2018: CHILDREN FREE up to 12 years

Adults and kids 

Adults  13€ - kids (3/14 yrs) and over 65 yrs  10 €




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