of the new Science Centre: cases opening

A new important date for International Call for recontruction of the Science Centre is on for Tuesday, May 5th, 2015, at 10 am, at Città della Scienza: during a public session will be opened the cases (15 ideas-project selected in the first phase) to be delivered, by 1 pm May 4th , according to notes in paragraph A6.4 of the competition rule book.

All architects and engineers freelancers, even the younger and less structured have been admitted to attend the call. Few requirement and restrictions dictated by turnover and by works: what has been considered as important were ideas, design ideas and the power of suggestion.

Proposals received in the terms have been 95: 15 project ideas have been selected for the second phase.
By next June, the commission will draw up the final list.
The winner will receive a prize of € 65,000.00 and commissioned to create the final design. The second prize winner will receive € 15,000.00; third prize, € 10,000.00. The Foundation Architects and Engineers enrolled Inarcassa also provides additional € 15,000.00 for any other awards.

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