Mother’s day: May 10th

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May 10th, Mother’s Day: whether you’re adult or young you can invite your mom to Città della Scienza just paying one admission ticket, to find out with her, with lots of fun, all forms of mother-child relationship, existing in nature.
In the exhibition on Sea you can follow the path Mamma d’aMARE marked by aphorisms and proverbs on mom as well as comparing the parallel journey, including marine animals and human beings from fertilization to parental care of mom (and dad).
the two proverbs: “every beetle is a gazelle in the eyes of his mother” (Arabic) and “every beetle is beautiful to his mother” (Neapolitan) will bring to Formicopoli, the anthill of Città della Scienza, and Insettopoli, the exhibition on insects in the garden of Città della Scienza, to deepen scientific curiosity and social organization of these small animals.
You can choose, always with your mom, scientific laboratories: pond, the greenhouse and the intense aromas of our olfactory maze or creativity in the Children Lab:
Shaping and realizing ceramics objects useful and decorative objects for your home that you can take next May 31st, after baking in the oven

  • Playing with clay with “ Arzilla and Cretonzo adventures ” children of Mother Earth
  • Realizing flowers in our labs, Kusudama colored paper, and Taumatropi on eggs
  • Building together the herbarium in the garden chasing leaves
  • Cooking with Spirulina, in the laboratory discovering medical properties of this alga.



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