Playing and having fun! September 16th, 17th and 19th at Città della Scienza a huge program of activities!

New Città della Scienza’s week ends coming soon! See the program

This weekend, besides Corporea’s guided tours, the first interactive human body museum in Italy and the 3D shows of the new Planetarium, prepare to live with us the World Ozone Day, the International Day for the Protection of the Stratosphere Ozone, and discover the secrets of the greenhouse effect thanks to “Chemical Breath“: an interesting scientific laboratory dedicated to the youngest to measure a famous greenhouse gas we produce with our breath.

On Tuesday, however, at the traditional San Gennaro festival, do not miss the “O’Sang e San Gennaro”laboratory with microscopic blood observations to discover the history of the Neapolitan miracle and science behind the miracle.

Also, do not miss the new 2D show of Planetary “From Earth to Universe”, for a wonderful trip between the myths and mysteries of the night sky, and guided tours to the insect house with new guests: a pair of mantids African dry leaf, the wonderful leaf bugs in the Philippines and the extraordinary black and yellow ants of South Africa.

Finally, the special insights “the fachiro bed“, a challenge for the bravest, “Batticuore” to hear how our heart beats, “Wow! Gulp! Sob! A sea of ​​emoticons” to discover the face of emotions and “Dancing dancer” to understand how our bones and muscles move when we move.

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