St. Valentine’s Day – Moon Party
February 14

On the evening of St. Valentine’s Day, Città della Scienza hosts a special event for all couples in love, dedicated to our natural satellite, the Moon.  

A special opening on 14 February, from 8 to 12 pm, for spending a romantic night at our Science Centre, among astronomy, philosphy, psichology and mithology. 

A guided tour will see the couples among the exhibits, discovering the physics and biology behind love, and the origins of the well-known expression “honeymoon”.

You can watch all Moon’s details by telescope on Coroglio’s seaside, and another face of it inside the Planetarium, thanks to a wonderful astronomical show. In the Planetarium, the EUROAVIA Association of Naples, with the World Wide Telescope, will show to the public history and secrets of the lunar exploration.

There will be speeches of several experts and scientists: the astrophysicist Giuseppe Longo from the University of Naples Federico II; Roberto Paura, science-fiction expert; Federazione Orafi Campani, for talking about the most precious stone in the world, the diamond. Finally, Ignazio Senatore, psychiatrist from the University of Naples Federico II, will show to all the lovers how the idea of passion evolved through time, from its birth up to Freud.

You will also enjoy background music by the sax player Felice Galeotalanza and the keyboard player Daniele Francese, and the voice of Alessandra Vitagliano, jazz swing and bossa nova singer, for a really lunar concert!

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