Thank you Peter !

We are deeply touched to know that our friend Peter Hillman has passed away.
Peter was not only an eminent neuroscientist but he has been strongly engaged along his life to spread his passion for science to the public.
We are so proud to have shared with him and his colleagues from the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem the most prestigious and noble challenge: to promote science, as a language of dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding in the Middle East and Europe.
Thank you Peter for your talent and your generosity.

Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem

Opening of the MeetMath exhibition at Città della Scienza, October 2005
Peter Hillman, Scientific Director of the Bloomfield Science Museum jerusalem (right) and Hassan Dweik, Vice President of the Al Quds Palestinaina University in East Jerusalem

Interview to peter Hillman about the MeetMath project

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