A Sunday at Città della Scienza.. with Energy!
15 April 2012

On Sunday, April 15, Città della Scienza organizes a day entirely dedicated to Energy.

Tastings of Science” – interactive physics experiments on Forces and Energy – will offer interesting suggestions and tips to help to understand the physical phenomena that are part of everyday life. You will find what the energy is, how it works and how exploit it wisely and intelligently.

An exhibition realized by Ecolamp – Consortium for the recovery and disposal of lighting equipment – will highlight the importance of recycling worn-out bulbs. Ecolamp deals with the disposal of low consumption lamps with mercury, eliminating this highly toxic element polluting for the environment and retrieving all the materials for other applications. This allows to recycle a consumed light bulb up to 95% .

During the day will be there many workshops for the children about recycling and reuse. With recycled materials and imagination, children will learn to transform objects and materials to be thrown into new and nice decorative items.

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