Carnival SuperParty 2020

Sunday 23 February in Città della Scienza there will be the Carnival SuperParty full of  science and fun.

The theme of this year is: thousand cultures and colors of the peoples of the Earth explored through shows, itinerant animation, games and workshops of creativity and manual skills on the geographical traditions of the various places on earth; there will be streamers, costumes, disguises, accessories, masks and moments of collective games for both adults and children!
The event will take place from 10 to 2 pm and free admission is provided for all children up to 12 years while the exhibition areas will be open and open until 6 pm.
Among the scheduled activities we point out the Live Show by UAN “All the Colors of the Stars” at the 3D Planetarium, a journey in the colors of the stars which, besides being magnificent and surprising, inform us about their characteristics. There will be a corner of cultures with activities and disguises organized to learn about the history and curiosities of the different countries of the world: we will travel to Africa, China, Australia and Brazil. The Bollywood dance Aishanti company will perform a dance performance to the rhythm of magical India. The day’s program includes numerous activities for youngest visitors, children from three years of age will be able to participate in a mini-Olympics course, jump on the inflatables and get their makeup done by our entertainers.


Città della Scienza is pleased to announce the collaboration with F.I.L.A. – Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed AffiniAlso for 2020, the centennial year of the company, GIOTTO will be the Official Color of all the educational activities of Città della Scienza and the Carnival, with its thousand colors, is the right occasion to offer  to all the little visitors with a gadget signed GIOTTO and give space to one’s creativity through color. Many other surprises come and discover it by experiencing the most colorful party in the world with us.


Free entry for children up to 12 years from 10 to 2 pm 

Adults € 10
Kids and teen agers  (3-17 years) – over 65 € 7

Adults and kids  € 5

Adults € 13
Kids and teen agers  (3-17 years) - over 65 € 10



From Tuesday to Saturday from 9  to 5 pm
Sunday: from 10 to 6 pm
Monday: closed

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