CITY AREAS – April 21st

Re-qualification of urban suburb areas through technological innovation: insights and contributions.
April 21st, 2016
3 to 5.30 pm
San Giovanni Maggiore, Rampe San Giovanni Maggiore 14 street, Naples

The conference, proposed by the Commission Technological Innovation of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Naples, in partnership with the AICTT, Italian Culture Association for the Promotion of Technology Transfer and CeRITT, Centre for Research on Innovation and Technology Transfer aims to provide participants with an overview of the potential and the positive externalities of urban suburb areas, often relegated to critical elements and concern that increase the marginality characters. Aim of the conference is to offer different points of view of experts, through a multidisciplinary approach, highlighting the wealth elements and co-creation of value that can be seen in urban suburb areas.
The conference, after the greetings of the President of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Naples, Eng. Luigi Vinci and the Director of the Research Center CeRITT, Eng. Stefano de Falco, provides an introduction in which they will discuss the elements that characterize the geography urban peripheral areas, by Prof. Fabrizio Mangoni of St. Stephen, of the University of Naples Federico II and Prof. Vittorio Amato, Professor of Geography, University of Naples Federico II. Then follow the vertical depth interventions on some of the Neapolitan urban areas, in particular with reference to the east of Naples in which it was recently, thanks to a PON project, implemented an educational complex and research of Federico II, and He will speak to Prof. Leopoldo Angrisani, measures of Ordinary University of Naples Federico II. For the Naples area West Dr. Mariangela Contursi, Manager of Business Innovation Centre in Città della Scienza, will provide an interesting contribution history and prospects of the place. Finally for Scampia area, Don Aniello Manganiello, for sixteen years the local pastor and engaged in numerous initiatives to protect and re-qualification of persons and property, will provide a vision of life lived with perspectives for future initiatives.
The conference will be moderated by Eng. Gennaro Annunziata, Inovazione Commission of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Naples.

riqualificare aree urbane 21 aprile 2016
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