Europe Day 2013

6 exhibitions and 6 workshops dedicated to European policies have been designed and produced by the students of 6 high schools in Naples for this new edition of Europe Museum: ITAS Vittorio Emanuele II, Liceo Ginnasio Giambattista Vico, Istituto Superiore Francesco De Sanctis, Istituto Superiore Francesco Nitti, Istituto Superiore Margherita di Savoia, Istituto Superiore Artemisia Gentileschi.
EUROPA MUSEUM is a project created to bring Europe closer to its students through the creation of a traveling museum, the study of the main objectives of European policies and the deepening of the principles to which they are connected to. From May 9 to 13, students will present and discuss with several experts the results of their work.
On the occasion of Europe Day 2013 will be also presented the ten best laboratories of creative enterprise promoted by the students of upper secondary schools involved in European project KiiCS, which was created with the aim of promoting interaction between science, creativity and enterprise.
This event will be an opportunity to emphasize the great solidarity Città della Scienza has received from all over Europe following the criminal act of March 4: a support that represents a heritage of extraordinary importance for the reconstruction of the Science Centre.

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