Friends of Città della Scienza in concert for Musequality World Busk 2014 – June 15

The concert of “Friends of Città della Scienza” returns for the 6th edition of World Musequality Busk, a series of concerts sponsored by Musequality around the world to raise money for musical education projects. In Naples, the concert will be held on Sunday, June 15th at 11:00 a.m. and part of its income will be donated to the reconstruction of the Science Cenrtre destroyed by fire on March 4, 2013.

Two orchestras created under the “Sirenide Project for Musequality” will play during the concert:

  • The Youth Music Ensemble, which brings together young people of Naples and its province who play a repertoire of classical and modern music.
  • The Casanova Musequality Baroque, a Baroque music ensemble, established with the same principles of the youth musical ensemble to make a specific work on Baroque music.
During the concert will be played works by Bach, Marcello, Handel, Charpentiere, Mazas, Duport, Campagnoli. Presentation by Laura Franchini. Concert by directors Angela Amato, Nunzia Sorrentino, Patrizia Scarano.
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