Futuro Remoto’s exhibitions still open until February!

More than 20,000 visitors since November 7 confirmed the extraordinary success of Città della Scienza’s reopening with the new exhibition areas. A more than expected success, after all, considering the large participation in the opening ceremony: more than 5,000 people in an evening alone.

An heterogeneous public has visited the BRAIN exhibition and has participated in the many meetings organized on the theme in these 10 days: young people, groups of students, families. The many children who, after eight long months, have returned to Città della Scienza, were able to meet again BIT, our mascotte, and to visit the exhibition on Baby-Dinosaurs.

Welcoming the large number of requests for reservation from the schools, Futuro Remoto’s exhibitions remain open until February. At Città della Scienza you can still walk in a model of brain and see its electrochemical activity, to experience how the brain controls reflexes and balance, to explore the mechanisms of sleep, what it has in common with the brains of other animals, how experiences and traumas influence the development, what’s the role of memory in the formation of an individual, what happens when the brain gets sick and what are the most common mental diseases and disorders, as well as feelings, emotions, reasoning, learning, attention, thought, perception, consciousness and dreams.

Furthermore, the exhibition on Baby-Dinosaurs designed for children but visited by everyone, combining science and art to illustrate the way of life of dinosaurs through an incredible variety of baby carnivorous and herbivorous, eggs and nests found around the world. The young visitors will discover how dinosaurs took care of their young and how they lived in the family.

Workshops, entertainment activities and areas dedicated primarily to the very young visitors will complete your experience at Città della Scienza.

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