Interactive visits at Città della Scienza with OhMyGuide!


Città della Scienza continues to stay alongside its public with interactive visits to Corporea. And it does so also with, the first platform created to offer schools a virtual tour experience with a live streaming interaction between the class and the guide, which has already obtained a large number of memberships with the participation of over 250 classes of Italian schools.

Corporea is the first interactive museum in Europe entirely dedicated to the theme of health, biomedical sciences and technologies and prevention, based on the direct experimentation of the phenomena by visitors.

Precisely for this reason, a remote visit module that experiments with new ways of interacting and dialoguing with his audience is now avalilble

The interactive visit, lasting about 1 hour, quickly crosses the history and places of Città della Scienza before entering Corporea which, with its many themes, involves children in demonstrations and experiments.

The guide who conducts the business from home has access to the contents of some multimedia stations in the museum and the support of videos that allow you to enjoy the contents of the exhibition itinerary.

The laboratory experience that completes the visit form sees the performance of some live demonstrations and also the possibility of replicating them at home thanks to the use of poor materials generally present in our homes. This creates a moment of confrontation, interaction and collective construction of experience.

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