The importance of organ donation and transplantation.

The new collaboration between Città della Scienza and the Regional Transplant Center starts, which will last throughout 2019, to jointly promote an awareness campaign on the importance of organ donation by supporting and promoting transplants, the only life expectancy for thousands of people.

Organ transplantation for some serious diseases is the only cure that allows you to survive (heart, liver, lung transplantation), or that improves the quality of life (kidney transplantation in dialysis patients, intestines for those who eat only by way of intravenous). Cell transplantation saves lives: for example, hematopoietic stem cells transplanted into patients with leukemia. Even tissue transplantation (corneas, skin, musculoskeletal …) can save lives (for example, skin transplantation in people with severe and extensive burns) or improve quality of life (for example, giving sight back to a blind person).

Within the program of museum activities, themed workshops will be organized on the theme of donation and transplants, as well as scientific animations and educational activities with some high and lower middle school classes.

A full program of experiences to live to understand the importance of donation which is a lifestyle choice!

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Among the activities that will take place during the weekends:

The Toys Workshop

Give new life to a toy that you don’t use anymore! Encouraging creativity and manual skills in this “reuse and recycling” game workshop, you can reflect, with an expert, on the importance of donating organs to give a new life. Children to take part in the activity will have to bring their own toy (puppet, stuffed animal, dolls etc … etc …) that they can repair, modify, reuse during the activity.

Activity suitable for children aged 6 to 12 years

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Station for the collection of adhesions to organ donation. For each “donor” white ball, you can insert 9 colored balls inside the LIFE container! At the end of the day the balls will form a splendid rainbow

Activity suitable for children of all ages.

The Colors of Life

A simple gesture, that of the Gift, can give rise to a new life in color for those who receive a transplant. Among colors, plasticine, brushes and shapes, we will understand how a simple signature can make color again, a life otherwise destined to go out.

Activity suitable for children aged 5 to 8 years

Two activities are planned for the school public:

Educational activity “Salvo e Gaia” with Realization of a Gadget-Organ to Donate

Discussing Game Card: Donations & Transplants

A game – scientific debate on the topic of organ donation with PlayDecide methodology

What choices will students make in front of the inputs? Who will support their decisions? Will they be convincing enough to express their position? Participate and understand the importance of organ donation.

To learn more about this delicate and important topic, visit the site:



 - 6/7 April 2019 during the weekend dedicated to Sport, Wellness and Health: wellness on the move!

- 4/5 May 2019: Kid pass days – everything is more beautiful with family

- 28/29 September 2019: Biotech Week

- October/November 2019: weekend to be defined

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