Live shows at Virtual Planetarium

The sky of the month of June 2020 holds important and spectacular astronomical events, all visible from Italy too, such as an eclipse of the sun, a penumbral eclipse of the moon and many planetary conjunctions.

June is also called Month of the Sun or Month of Liberty, this name derives from the fact that on the 21st day of the month, or in the summer solstice, the Earth’s axis has an inclination such as to ensure maximum duration of light in the span of a day.
On June 21, in fact, the firmament returns to be the protagonist of an extraordinary show, an annular solar eclipse that will also be visible in our beautiful country. It is an eclipse in all respects: the Moon is located between the Sun and the Earth and the three stars are perfectly aligned. The annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is at its point of maximum distance from our planet. The sun will be darkened only in the central part, leaving a ring of fire uncovered all around.

Città della Scienza organizes two unmissable events for adults and children to be able to take a journey through the wonders of our sky comfortably seated at home.

A real virtual Planetarium directly at home!
Our specialized guide will guide everyone on this heavenly interactive journey.

Tuesday, June 16 at 6 pm take part in the “Aperitif among the Stars” event discover the wonders of the June sky: sun, solstice, eclipse and aurora.

Tuesday, June 23 at 11 am, as part of Kid Pass Day and Science Week there will be “The stars within reach of … child!” an event dedicated to the night sky, the summer constellations and the solar system to allow a privileged view of our star “The Sun”.

The shows will be broadcast live on the official  Facebook page

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