A space meeting with the astrophysicist Luca Perri on Sunday  December 1st at the Feltrinelli bookstore in Naples at 11.30.
The event is part of the Futuro Remoto Extra events

“Rocket Starting” is the title of the conference where we will talk about the history of space exploration. An epic challenge, studded with heroic gestures, dreams and … some “little” tragedy. All fake? Not really, but this vision omits or relegates to the background the missions with unexpected events, errors and tragicomic situations, useful for fully understanding the process of exploring the cosmos. The conquest of space has required a huge collective effort, the pursuit of goals unthinkable until recently. A journey full of pitfalls that are difficult to predict and that await (and await) astronauts outside the protection of the earth’s atmosphere. Any practical examples?

How to make astronauts eat and drink? How to make them go to the bathroom? About solid waste? Is it the case to let him take a shower during the mission? How do we wake them up in the morning? But above all, when is it morning? Are we sure that, once you go out for a space walk, you know how to get back into the shuttle? What if they land by mistake among the polar bears on their return from the mission?
Luca Perri signs a book of real stories all to laugh at and answers the strangest questions: Why do astronauts have diapers? How do you make poop, pee and fart in space? Is it true that astronauts drink pee and sweat?

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