November 1 at the Science Centre: Halloween party

Thursday, November 1, 2012  from 10 am to 14 pm children for FREE!

Games, workshops, bats and  fun are the key words for the ‘Halloween Party at Città della Scienza on Thursday, November 1.
This year Città della Scienza organizes a “Space” Halloween party (free admission for children from 10 am to 14pm).
Adults and children  will play and have funs in the Science Center with the collaboration of Lacci Sciolti, they could learn the secrets of Space through the visit to the exhibition and workshops, and investigate, understand and dispel the false beliefs about the world of bats.

Bats are true wonders of nature, are amazing animals and  have unique ability among mammals. They can “fly with their hands” and “see with their ears”, they are also able to sleep upside down and the observation of the bat anatomy inspired the flying machines of Leonardo da Vinci.

On Thursday, November 1 at the Science Centre of Città della Scienza will be possible to meet two bat experts: one from the University of Naples Federico II, prof. Danilo Russo, that will present us the results of the latest research on bat conservation, while Dr. Maria Tiziana Serangeli will show us the capacity of  rehabilitation from injuries and trauma of some bats. Finally, a particular instrument, the “bat-detector” will make us even listen to the voice of the bats!

So, what else to say? Trick or treat?

…We expect you!

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