and renewed exhibition the SEA

Over 2000 adults and children were present at “Waiting for Easter in Città della Scienza” animated by many outdoor activities and the new exhibition Sea, renewed with new fascinating interactive exhibits to discover the secrets of our seas. The exhibition was opened by Professor Ennio Marsella Institute for Coastal Marine Environment of the National Research Council and scientific director of the exhibition, together with the General Director of Città della Scienza Luigi Amodio.
From 11.00 in the large outdoor amphitheater of Città della Scienza a special exhibition on the flight of birds of prey (vultures, hawks, owls, barn owls and other) with a scientific study on the capacities perceptive of these beautiful birds to discover the characteristics and the dynamics that regulate their flight.
EGGS HUNTING “Waiting for Easter in Città della Scienza” from 10 to 2 pm, in collaboration with Kinder Surprise and the presence of the mascot ‘Pasquale’ … the Bunny Kinder.

In Theatre Galilei instead award the Neapolitan stage of FameLab ITALY, the talent show of science show where researchers or students between 18 and 40 presented in three minutes of time a subject of a scientific nature using only their voice and their own body. Talent is sponsored by the British Council, with the Psiquadro national coordination of Perugia and implemented by Le nuvole, South Italian national coordinator of the project, in collaboration with Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza in Naples, the University of Naples Federico II, SAT Foundation (Performance Art Territory) and Association of Contemporary House.
Meanwhile outside, in gardens and in the square, wooden games have entertained children and adults in a simple and smart.

Aspettando Pasqua 2016

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