Paleomare: the exhibition of marine fossils and design

Paleomare the exhibition of marine fossils and design was inaugurated yesterdaythat. It enriches the exhibition offer of Città della Scienza, included in the cost of the ticket, which will be open for a full year until January 2020.
A fascinating journey through the spiral of time, where the beauty of design and art is accompanied by the scientific deepening of these extraordinary finds of the time.
At the inauguration there were Emanuela Bottone, exhibit director, Sara Vassallo, curator and Rita Vassallo, the exhibition’s concept designer.

Through a collection of Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Quaternary fossils of marine origin, and through small and large animals, we want to show how our planet has evolved and took shape. But what is the return journey? In the possibility of reviving, thanks to the digital, those same animals that have lived in ages so far from us, in living as if they were a galleon submerged in prehistoric seas or an uninhabited ark; thus giving the impression of being able to swim in a sea that is completely unknown to us.

The exhibition is due to the Mineral Art Gallery, a project that combines “works of art created by man and metamorphic crystallizations generated, from lithogenic processes, over millions of years on our planet”.

Inaugurazione mostra Paleomare

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