Ambrogio Iacono and Franco Pepe: knight’s honor to the merit of the Republic

President of Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella wanted to reward with the Knight’s honor to the merit of the Republic a first group of citizens, of different roles, professions and geographical origin, who particularly distinguished themselves for deserving the community during the coronavirus emergency. The awards, attributed to individuals, symbolically represent the choral commitment of many of our fellow citizens in the name of solidarity and constitutional values.

Two of the awarded citizens  are from Campania:  Ambrogio Iacono, 49 years old teacher at  professional hotel Institute and winemaker of the Pietratorcia company in Ischia, his history had already gone around Italy, also giving him a public thanks from Prime Minister Conte. The official statement reads: “Positive to coronavirus and recoverd at Rizzoli hospital of  Lacco Ameno, he continued to teach at a distance during the days of hospitalization”. Iacono had done it with his tablet, assisted by the nurses, moving his virtual audience who – at the time of recovery – had dedicated a series of touching video messages to him.


Franco Pepe, “Pepe in Grani” in  Caiazzo


Ambrogio Iacono,teacher

The other fellow citizen of Campania is Franco Pepe known for being the owner of the Pepe in Grani pizzeria, in the small village of Caiazzo, which over the years has created a real tourist supply. The reasons read: “When he had to close his restaurant in Caiazzo di Caserta he prepared pizzas and biscuits for the poor and elderly in difficulty, organizing a fundraiser for the Caserta hospital.” We are happy and proud to be able to give space to positive stories like these that instill courage and push us to support each other, in the hope that they will be a warning for all of us in a moment of general recovery from one of the hardest periods that we faced each other.

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