SCRIVERE DI CIBO – GNAM Village, March 23rd-26th, 2017

How is food present in narrative?  It is the main issue of Scrivere di Cibo, the next event to be displayed in our  g.n.a.m. Village, the Village of Città della Scienza dedicated to the promotion of food excellences.

Scrivere di Cibo is focused on Mediterranean Diet, on different food cultures and on the relation between food and health through books’ readings and presentations  concerning food.

About the ways food is present in narrattive

Writing about food is an event dedicated on  writing about  Mediterranean Diet on the cultures of the food and on the right relationships between diet and health with presentations, readings of works dedicated to food.

A journey into the history of food and gastronomy, in the relationship between food and health, agriculture and prose and poetry works “talking about food.”

Writing about food is also a great writing workshop in which students of primary and secondary schools of first grade, students of colleges and university will be involved in a cultural and creative experience as well as journalists, historians, chefs, writers and all those who “write about food.”

Writing about food but it is also an occasion to meet  “protagonist of the narrative”   by the realization of  an area dedicated to street food and many cooking workshops.

Info and Contact

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