Sunday, December 11
Christmas market at Città della Scienza:
a perfect combination of crafts and knowledge!

Christmas markets always suggest typical images of winter and holidays: snow, frost, presents, handicrafts, decorated trees and colored lights. As a part of the Christmas spirit, Città della Scienza is pleased to invite everyone to the first Christmas scientific market.

On Sunday, December 11, the Science Centre will host rigorously handicraft and scientific stands! Merging Christmas atmospheres with the spirit of our Museum, craftsmen will present a wide selection of high-quality, handicraft goods, everything under the sign of traditional manufacturing.

Among blacksmiths, bookbinders, potters, restorers and craftsmen of precious minerals, you will rediscover the art of ancient works, watching live craftsmen carving, molding, gluing, binding!

How to bind a book? What’s raku ware? Why some metals are not suitable to create necklaces and jewels? Come and learn it on December 11 at Città della Scienza!

At each stand will be shown the processes at the base of workmanship, materials, techniques, actively involving the visitor who will also have the opportunity to buy little or large products.

Here are the names of some of the people who will be present on December 11:

Annalisa Mignogna’s Legatoria Artigiana Napoli will show us the library binding.

The fair-trade workshop E’ Pappeci, with crafts and food from around the world.

The Botanical Garden of Portici Agricultural Science Faculty will exhibit a collection of tasty plants rigorously tilled in garden, available with a little donation; moreover, with Francesca Ippolito, we will learn the plant biodiversity of our land, while Antonio Mingo, agronomist and craftsman, will show us how preserving a flower “forever”, among roses, resin and amazing botanical works.

The Naples Group of Amnesty International will show us the origin of the cotton we wear.

Perzechella, historic Neapolitan chocolate factory, will be there with its delicious products.

Paola Gargiulo’s Officina della Tammorra will lead us discovering the traditional musical instruments of Neapolitan culture.

Gigi D’Eustachio, artisan of lamps in a variety of materials, will present an exhibition titled Luci, ombre e colori (“Lights, shadows and colours”).

Diego Loffredo, artisan of majolica.

Tiziana Grassi’s famous Ospedale delle Bambole (Doll’s Hospital).

Luigi Tirino, blacksmith artist, with its works.

Arturo Masullo and Stefania Catullo, restorers and artists, with works on glass and trompe-l’oeil.

Laboratorio di Figaro with its wood products.

MAC ceramic whit their potter’s wheel and their creativity.

Michele Di Giacomo, famous for its well-known workshop of chair-mender in Naples (Riviera di Chiaia), which has three generations’ experience to its credit.

Rosa Lo Porchio’s LaborArt will be there with its precious crib works.

Gio Schiano, eclectic craftsman, will do a live performance with collage and plexiglas.

Rosaria Passante, a goldsmith who will show us some techniques of knitting with silver and precious stones.

Simona Proto’s Bottega del Mosaico will exhibit mosaic works and introducing the visitor to this challenging handmade job.

Thematic workshops will be presented to the children, giving them the opportunity to create handicrafts with their own hands, inspired by the best-known craftsmen. During the day, at 4 pm, the Science Centre will host The Little Prayer, a live show performed by the boys and girls of San Vincenzo’s parish church of Pozzuoli. The show, inspired by the famous musical Greese, is part of a charity project dedicated to Africa and India.

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