There are five partnerships signed by Campania Region companies as part of China Week – Innovation Italy, an international cooperation program coordinated by the Neapolitan scientific center.

There are two agreements signed by Città della Scienza in the framework of China Week – Italy of Innovation, scheduled from Monday 25 and until tomorrow Friday 29 November in the cities of Beijing and Jinan. The scientific and technological center of Bagnoli has a partnership, respectively, with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Zhangqiu District. Under the agreement signed with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the two subjects are committed to cooperating for the design of a Sino-European Hub of research, dissemination and innovation. The second agreement was signed with the Zhangqiu district and aims to consolidate the mutual development of research and innovation within the Sino-Italian Park launched in 2017. Città della Scienza will support the District in identifying academic and business subjects interested in starting up activities in the district. The Zhangqiu district covers an area of ​​1719 square kilometers for a population of 1.5 million inhabitants and is located in the third province of China.

The two agreements signed by Città della Scienza are part of the 15 agreements closed by research centers, universities and Italian companies with Chinese partners in the international event coordinated by the Neapolitan scientific and technological centre.

Having reached its tenth edition this year, China Italy Innovation Week is the most important sector cooperation platform between the two countries. There are two thousand Italian and Chinese delegates and about three hundred organizations including universities, research centers and businesses present at the event in China, in the presence of the Minister of Education and Research Lorenzo Fioramonti. “It is an honor for us to coordinate – said Riccardo Villari, president of Città della Scienza in Naples – the organization of such an important event”. Research Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti has shown us how Italian excellence appreciated throughout the world, these two agreements are a further step to give a boost to the internationalization not only of our structure but, with it, of our entire territory rich in knowledge and talents “.

Three other agreements were also closed by the realities of Campania as part of the China Italy 2019 Week. The Public Private Laboratory Marea Scarl and TJ Innova Engineering & Technology, world leader in the automotive industry, have signed an organic collaboration agreement for the promotion and enhancement of the research and technological innovation focused on sustainable mobility. The two businesses are committed to fostering a mutual technological transfer and joint business initiatives in the European, Middle Eastern and African markets. The Department of Electronic Engineering of the Federico II of Naples and the University of Xi’an Shiyou form a cooperation partnership and research exchanges in the field of training and scientific training for teachers. The startup SPICI srl – Society for Innovation, Cooperation and Internationalization closes a collaboration agreement with Xi’an Sino-European Enterprises Management Consulting Co., Ltd for cooperation in the field of science, technology and culture to facilitate collaboration between stratup, companies and research institutes.

Among the realities present in Campania: the National Institute Pascale Foundation, numerous institutes of the Cnr, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, the Department of Industrial Design of the Vanvitelli University of Campania, Suor Orsola Benincasa University, the Archaeological Museum National of Naples and the Polymers and Materials Institute, the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Southern Italy. The delegations of four Campania schools also took part in the mission: the I.S. Guglielmo Marconi di Giugliano, the ITI Leonardo da Vinci of Naples, the Scientific and Linguistic High School De Carlo di Giugliano, the I.S. Caselli de Sanctis of Capodimonte. Incorporated into a program of educational cooperation, the schools had meetings with four Chinese schools: the Beijing College of Finance and Commerce, Beijing, Polythecnic, Beijing Institute of Fashion, School of Arts and Crafts.

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