“Innovare è l’impresa”: XIV Forum Piccola Industria Confindustria – October 3th and 4th

Compete, grow-up , excel. None of this is possible whitout innovation. Il XIV Forum of Piccola Industria Confindustria, organizated in collaboration whit Confindustria Campania and Unione Industriale di Napoli , turn on the spotlight on what will be the key of  the our economy. Innovation at the center in a changing background, innovation protagonist in its myriad forms: from e-commerce to robotics, from digital manufacturing to smart factory, from strategic finance to lean management. Innovation is the mind of the applied research, such as design and the whole tradition of the Made in italy that makes our conuntry unique in the world. The event of Napoli will offer the opportunity to enjoy stories, flairs and provocations  that will be launched from the stage from those representatives  of the “innovation comunity” and successful companies such as positive examples. In view of  Horizon 2020, by which Europe wants to make innovation the starting point of the new manufacturing sector. The event takes place in the “European SME Week” and in continuity with the “EMS ASSEMBLY 2014″ (October 1 to 3), making Naples, for the occasion, the European capital of SMEs. Two days dedicated to Innovating Italy, to bring out innovation and constructive thinking on cultural and financial factors that can strengthen innovation of enterprises and country. Two days to prove that “innovation is the enterprise.” the program available soon.

Info e program

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