The Palestinian Ambassador Sabri Ateyeh in visit at Città della Scienza

visita ambasciatore palestinese Sabri Ateyeh

On the 12th of February the Palestinian Ambassador Sabri Ateyeh visited Città della Scienza. The meeting was promoted by Regional Government of Campania to relaunch the collaboration between the business sector in Campania and in Palestine.
The meeting was held at the presence of Fulvio Martusciello, Councillor for Industries and economic development at the Campania Regional Government, Paolo Bencivenga for Unione Industriali, Vittorio Silvestrini  and Vincenzo Lipardi for Città della Scienza, Giuseppe Zollo for Campania Innovazione and Bruno Uccello for Consorzio Area Tech Coroglio.
The visit of the Ambassador was preliminary to a mission of delegates from Campania in Palestine in march and to the visit of President Abu Mazen in Naples scheduled for next April, in order to evaluate opportunities and strategies of partnership for the private sector between Palestine and the Campania region.
This meeting was the opportunity for Città della Scienza to reaffirm with the Ambassador its activities and programs in Middle East in the field of cultural and scientific cooperation, enhancing the promotion of scientific culture, as a way for scientific progress and sustainable development in the region, but also as a language of peace in Middle East.

More information on activities of Città della Scienza in Middle East

Last mission in Middle East, 10-15 April 2012: link 


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