Each year the Italy-China Technology Transfer Center awards a prize to the personalities who have distinguished themselves in the scientific and technological cooperation between China and Italy, contributing in the strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries. In occasion of the China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Week 2017 there will be a 3rd edition during which the Italian excellences will be awarded.

The 8 Chinese excellences of the 2nd editionthat took place in Italy, are:

  • Liu Lifu, Director of the Sino-Italian Textile and New Materials R&D Center. During his career he has been active in the exchange and cooperation between Zhejiang Province and Italy. In addition, the center he is the Director was launched by Xi Jinping when he served as Vice-President of the People’s Republic of China.
  • Huang Ping, Vice-Director of the China-Italy Technology Transfer Center. Through his work at the transfer center, he offers a great contribution to science and technology. It also has considerable experience in the field of technology transfer, as demonstrated by the publication of his books and articles on this subject.
  • Liu Susheng, Vice-Director of the Jiangsu Center of International Technology Transfer. This center organizes the annual Jiangsu Conference for International Technology and Commercialization, contributing to the growth of cooperation between countries around the world with a focus on Italy-China bilateral cooperation in areas such as energy, design and manufacturing.
  • He Suxing, Director of the Beijing Science and Technology Consulting Center. She collaborated actively in the organization of the Italy-China Science, Technology & Innovation Week, significantly contributing to its success, especially in terms of opportunities offered to thousands of research centers, universities and enterprises.
  • Wang Ruiguang, Vice-Rector of Tongji University. Thanks to the support of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the Italian Government, he offered a great contribution in the management and coordination of the work on the bilateral Design and Innovation Center of Tongji University since 2011, promoting a strengthening of cooperation between universities and research centers.
  • Chang Ying, Deputy Director-General of Personnel Exchange Center of Beijing Municipal Commission of Science and Technology. He gave a great contribution in the development of China-Italy Technology Transfer Center (CITTC), moreover for seven years she has been an important intermediary in the relations with Italian partners in the organization of the Italy-China Science, Technology & Innovation Week, where she was in charge of the planning, organization and implementation by China side.
  • Chen Yulong, CEO of Huawei. He graduated at Monash University in Melbourne and has over twenty years of experience in several areas of telecommunications, in particular he has ten years of experience in the management of mobile communications network operators.
  • John Zhang, General Secretary of the International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN). During his career he contributed greatly to the organization of the Italy-China Science, Technology & Innovation Week including the participation of new geographical areas and of new partners. Moreover, over the past three years he signed several cooperation agreements with various Italian partners, further enhancing bilateral cooperation between the two countries, in particular the internationalization of startups.

In 2015, 7 Italian excellences received the cooperation award:

  • Federico Masini, Professor at Sapienza University of Rome, for many years responsible for Chinese language studies and for the history of relations between the West and China and also for the study of contemporary and vernacular Chinese literature. Professor Masini also studied and worked in Beijing in the eighties and nineties and had already been awarded the National Prize for Translation by the Chinese Ministry of Culture.
  • Vincenzo Lipardi, Chief Executive Officer of Città della Scienza, set up in 2011 the Sino-Italian Exchange Event, an innovative exchange platform developed in collaboration with the Beijing Association for Science and Technology to promote Italian products and innovative skills. Since 2012 he has also been the director of the China-Italy Innovation Forum.
  • Giuliano Noci, Professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan, has launched several research projects about training and technology transfer in China, such as the research centre on Chinese Trade Exhibitions and Conventions (together with Antai College of Economics and Management) and many executive courses dealing with Luxury Brand Management and Digital Marketing with Tongji University. He is Research Fellow at the Jiao Tong University and Honorary Advisor at the Tsingua University.
  • Gianluigi Benedetti, Diplomatic Adviser to the Minister of Education, University and Research, is responsible for the management of international relations and coordinator of international activities of the Ministry and of the National Research Council. Among the many projects developed there are the Task Force for e-Government and Development. He is also President of the Italian Delegation at IHRA.
  • Valeria Fascione, Regional Minister for Internationalization, Start-ups and Innovation of Campania Region, since 2011 has been consolidating a strong experience in the process of internationalization of research and business in China by coordinating the Sino-Italian Exchange Event. Since 2012 she has also been Executive Coordinator of the China-Italy Innovation Forum, the bilateral cooperation program for science and technology.
  • Rinaldo Baldini, Director of Research of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, began working in China in 2009 collaborating with the BESIII experiment of IHEP. After participating in several international research projects, he now lives and works permanently in Beijing, where he also recently launched a program for Italian students wanting to stay in China and cooperate with INFN-IHEP experiments.
  • Franco Naccarella is President of Quale Medicina 2000, a non-profit organization for permanent international medical education and for training in medical care humanization in Italy, Europe and China. Since 2009 he has also been Vice President of the Euro China Society for Health Research. His main area of interest is cardiac arrhythmias.