The industry 4.0 originated itself from the fourth industrial revolution and it is a process that will lead to automated and interconnected industrial production.

New digital technologies have a deep impact in four sectors: the first one involves the use of data, calculating capacity and connectivity, and it reflects on big dataopen dataInternet of Thingsmachine -to-machine and cloud computing for the centralization of information and their preservation.

The second one is analytics: once data are collected, their value has to be acquired. Nowadays only 1% of collected data is used by enterprises, that instead could obtain benefits from the so called “machine learning”, namely machines that enhance their performance by “learning” from the collected and analyzed data.

The third sector is the interaction between man and machine.

Lastly, the sector that deals with the transition from digital to “real” and that includes the additive manufacturing3D printingroboticscommunicationsmachine-to-machine interactions and all new technologies  for the storage and use of energy in a targeted manner, namely by rationalizing costs and optimizing performance.

To this end, it was created the D.RE.A.M. FabLab of Città della Scienza of Naples.

The D.RE.A.M. – Design and REsearch in Advanced Manufacturing is a great laboratory and a center of experimentation dedicated to the new digital fabrication technologies with advanced machineries such as anthropomorphic KUKA arms, 3D printers (fdm, sla), router, Lasercut, wide space for the training, an area dedicated to co-working and classrooms and FabLab for schools.

The D.RE.A.M. is specialized in four strategic sectors – Fashion and Design, Biomedical, Construction, solutions and products for the Cultural Heritage and Museum – and is able to offer services and innovative solutions in the field of digital manufacturing, coding, electronics, robotics and automation.

The D.RE.A.M. Academy also inserts in the scenario of the scientific and technological cooperation between Italy and China and in view of the internationalization of human capital. It is an international program of Higher Education addressed to young talents and all the professionals employed in the FabLabs,  in innovative companies, research centers, schools and universities. The project aims to channel the potential of the innovation and “widespread” work and give a “structured” base in order to seize the opportunities that the new industrial revolution offers.

During the China-Italy Science, Technology & Innovation Week 2017, following the successful first edition held in 2016, it will be held the second edition of the Digital Fabrication Zone, an area for sharing innovative ideas developed by Italian and Chinese makers and for the implementation of innovative projects in the digital fabrication field.