Over the years, Città della Scienza has built and developed relationships and initiatives with Chinese partners in the field of science popularization for the dissemination of scientific heritage and culture of both countries. In this regard, some cooperation agreements have been signed with the Beijing Natural History Museum and with the China Science and Technology Museum for the exchange of traveling exhibits and the cooperation in science popularization activities.

Several exhibitions with Chinese scientific findings of great value were hosted in Città della Scienza.

In 2008 several feathered dinosaur exhibits belonging to the Beijing Museum of Natural History and an exhibition on the Beijing Olympic Games were exposed, in 2014 some ancient China revolutionary inventions, belonging to the China Science and Technology Museum and related to astronomy, navigation and seismology, were exhibited.

In 2014, Città della Scienza joined to the Beijing International Science Festival Roundtable Conference, promoted by BAST and aiming to the fostering of cooperation and exchange of experiences among the Science Festival all over the world.

Finally, Città della Scienza promotes the relations between Europe and China encouraging the entry of its partners, including the BAST, within ECSITE, the European Network of Science Centres and Science Museums of which it is a board member.

Furthermore, over the years on the occasion of various events organized in Città della Scienza some workshops of Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting were organized, in collaboration with the Chinese teachers of the Confucius Institute of Naples and they attracted a lot of interest in the public.

On the occasion of the celebration of the Chinese New Year the dragon dance and a martial arts performance were organized, in collaboration with the Confucius Institute and the School of Martial Arts, in order to wish the public to Science City China a profitable year.